Oxfordshire Primary School Art Competition

Organised by Anya Kennedy

Over the past few months, I have been organising a primary school art competition in my local area to raise awareness about climate change. I believe that education is the key to solving environmental issues, and art allows young people to learn in a fun and accessible way. It has been such a rewarding experience organising this competition, and I am honoured to be able to give the young people of Oxfordshire a platform to showcase their talents.

Entrants were asked to create a picture of an endangered animal of their choice. As a youth council, we judged the artwork by comparing technical ability and artistic impression. Jonathan Denby was awarded first place, and Sophie Vickers was awarded runner up. All entrants received a UNA Climate & Oceans certificate, and the winner will receive an art set.

The artworks are featured in an international virtual gallery curated by Natalie Kyte, a sixth form student in Oxfordshire. The youth council is incredibly grateful for all her amazing efforts.

Please explore the gallery here: artsteps | UNA Climate & Oceans - Oxfordshire Primary School Art Exhibition

I would like to say thank you to all the participants for creating the beautiful art, and to all the schools who helped promote the competition with parents. 

Jonathan Denby- Winner

Sophie Vickers- Runner Up

Preview of gallery

Ocean Youth Poetry 

The poems above were written by students at Seaford, and were part of the UNA C&O 'Celebrating the Sea - Challenges and Solutions for our Blue Planet' Seaford Event. 

The Power of Words, by Anya Kennedy, member of the Youth Council. This mixed media work depicts Greta Thunberg, reflecting how her inspirational speeches creates real change in the world. It has a paticular focus on pollinators and thier importance.

Painting by Anya Kennedy