The Earth needs help. The climate emergency, the loss of nature and of biodiversity threaten to eliminate many of the millions of species that share this beautiful planet with us.

But this degradation isn’t inevitable. We have the power and the knowledge to reverse the harm & restore the Earth - if we act now. This is why in June 2021 the United Nations declared The Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 (#GenerationRestoration).

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Here in Sussex, and much further afield, UNA C&O are creating a network of like-minded individuals, schools, organisations and businesses to share knowledge, support and resources that will assist with restoring our precious and fundamental ecosystems.

The beauty of restoration is that it conveys a message of action and hope, and it can happen at any scale – whether a window box, a backyard plot, a city park, a river valley, a national forest or a globally threatened ecosystem. This means that everyone can get involved.

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Generation Restoration Certification

by Diana Morgan 

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration is a global rallying cry originating from the belief that we only have ten more years to restore the planet. This sounds daunting, but there’s so much we can do, at an individual level or collectively, to make a big difference for the Climate Emergency.

Ecosystem Restoration involves helping to preserve intact ecosystems and to help the recovery of damaged or degraded areas. This can include planting suitable species or removing species that are inappropriate to a site. Restoring ecosystems in the sea or inland (in cities, towns, the countryside and waterways) can also help regenerate the economy.

We invite individuals, communities of all kinds, and businesses to apply to be part of our #GenerationRestoration campaign, by submitting an existing project or a completely new one. Please read through the Ecosystem Restoration Playbook then complete and send in a short application form, which will be reviewed by our team. We welcome projects whether micro, medium or large scale.

If eligible you will be sent a partner Certificate which can be used in your own publicity. We can support you if you need help or clarification, and you will have access to a library of excellent graphics which you can adapt to your own project.

Zoe May - Generation Restoration Officer